Tuesday, 16 February 2016



Dina is a new arts space in what was the Stardust bar on Cambridge street.
The Stardust bar used to have a revolving dance floor upstairs but the only revolving I was doing was on the bar swivel chair. It's a rare to sit at a bar at a club, but one I greatly revelled in. Usually, the music is too loud but shielded by a big red curtain I could hear quite comfortably.
Happily tipping back a can of Red stripe; which I'll never understand its position as the subversive art's event drink of choice, I chatted to various attendees of the night largely from University music society, who were a very agreeable bunch.
I even bumped into a Latvian guy, that worked at the climbing centre next door to the Circus I worked at in London (they are very cramped for space down there). He is now studying robotics, and is heavily into his electronic dance music, made sense really.
It all felt like an episode of Cheers, albeit without any of the cast there, but I was joyfully entertained by Sheffield's eminent artist and all round genius, lunatic Stuart Faulkner. Who unleashed, on the uninitiated music students, a chorus of spontaneous hits from the Poddington's Peas theme tune to songs from his new musical about Hen do gone wrong.

When I did enter the arena of dance, I was impressed. The music was good, a heady mix of electronica, garage, even finding time to squeeze in some Van Morrison. Everyone was dancing wildly, not a hint of ego or pretence just a real good sense of fun. I honestly haven't enjoyed a night more in ages, It had a fine house party vibe, where everyone is loosing their shit on the dance floor rather smoke boxing a bedroom or being passed out on Beaver paracetamol.
I tottered home about 4 in the morning with tired feet happily reciting 'down at the bottom of the garden....

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